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  • June 2024 Ultimate Doubles Strategy [WATCH]
  • April 2024 How to Fake Poach – Doubles Tennis Lesson [WATCH]
  • March 2024 The 16 Second Cure || BCC Mental Tennis [WATCH]
  • Feb 2024 How to Develop Mental Toughness and Resilience: Unleashing your inner strength [WATCH]
  • Jan 2024 Improve Shot Selection with this Rule [WATCH]
  • Dec 2023 3 Steps To Volley Like A Pro [WATCH]
  • Nov 2023 Tennis Serve- Topspin Serve Technique [WATCH]
  • Oct 2023 good misses vs bad misses [WATCH]
  • Sept 2023 How to Watch the Ball in Doubles – Tennis Doubles Strategy Lesson [WATCH]
  • August 2023 Poaching and Fake Poaching [WATCH]
  • July 2023 The TRUTH behind Obnoxious Tennis Grunting [WATCH]
  • June 2023 Secrets of a great shot featuring pro Ean Meyer [WATCH]
  • May 2023 Drop Hitting Practice Techniques [WATCH]
  • April 2023 Roger Federer: Intense but relaxed.. [WATCH]
  • March 2023 World Class Coach Patrick Mouratoglou on Takeways from a loss. [WATCH]
  • Feb 2023 How to Handle a Lob in Doubles. [WATCH]
  • Dec 2022 Allow E.I.D. [WATCH]
  • Sept 2022 Dr. Patrick Cohn (Peak Performance Sports) shares his insights that you can use for your tennis game. [WATCH]
  • Aug 2022 Jack Sock exemplifies tennis' traditional brand of sportsmanship [WATCH]
  • July 2022 Return of Serve Positioning [WATCH]
  • June 2022 Ian from Essential Tennis.com explains the options [WATCH]
  • May 2022 Serve Toss Tips with former ATP pro Michael Russell [WATCH]
  • April 2022 Tennis' #1 Skill... and #1 most challenging Skill [WATCH]
  • March 2022 Keep Fighting…Keep Aspiring Higher [WATCH]
  • February 2022 Live ball practice. So simple. So good. [WATCH]
  • January 2022 Punta Gorda’s Play Tennis/Practice Yoga Director Margit Bannon demonstrates preparing for the actual match warm-up [WATCH]
  • December 2021 How to Develop Mental Toughness in Tennis [WATCH]
  • November 2021 Meet the man who strings Roger Federer's rackets [WATCH]
  • October 2021 It's All About The Fuzz [WATCH]
  • September 2021 What’s Your Mind Set, Fixed or Growth?...with Trevor Ragan [WATCH]
  • August 2021 The Challenge of Visualizing… For Some [WATCH]
  • July, 2021 Roger Federer's Footwork and Split Stepping for Optimal Shot Making and Defending [WATCH]
  • June, 2021 Jak Featured Explaining and Demonstrating Groundies [WATCH]
  • May, 2021 Mental Match Preparation [WATCH]
  • April, 2021 Djokovic on Gripping Technique [WATCH]
  • March, 2021 Mental Toughness Now and Then [WATCH]
  • February, 2021 Doubles Tactics [WATCH]
  • January, 2021 All About the Rules [WATCH]
  • December, 2020 Class: Giving the benefit of doubt to the opponent vs when in doubt call it out. [WATCH]
  • November, 2020 More Game Management Tips [WATCH]
  • October, 2020 Jack Sock shocks the world. [WATCH]
  • September, 2020 Shot Making & Post Play Nutritional 'Windows' for Better Performances [WATCH]
  • August, 2020 One of the Best 2nd Serves of All-Time. [WATCH]
  • July, 2020 Assisting PLAY TENNIS~PRACTICE YOGA innovator Margit Bannon [WATCH]
  • June, 2020 Staying in the Point by Fighting Off Difficult Shots both Deep and Angled. [WATCH]
  • May, 2020 The excellent Nikola Aracic demonstrating how to practice by yourself on a wall/backboard. [WATCH]
  • March, 2020 The Inner Game of Tennis [WATCH]
  • February, 2020 Control Your Toss [WATCH]
  • January, 2020 Positional Poaching Springboard [WATCH]

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  • December, 2019 The Dreaded High Bouncing Moonball Dilemma [WATCH]
  • November, 2019 Understanding Mental/Emotional Toughness [WATCH]
  • October, 2019 Understanding Mental/Emotional Toughness [WATCH]
  • September, 2019 Old School Meets New School [WATCH]
  • August, 2019 Groundie Footwork by a Master [WATCH]
  • June, 2019 Sports Psychologist Dr. Allen Fox on Understanding the Confidence Dynamic [WATCH]
  • May, 2019 Sport's Psychologist Dr. Jarrod Spencer: In Between Point Breathing.... [WATCH]
  • April, 2019 Ramon Osa on Reading Shots & More Tips.... [WATCH]
  • February, 2019 BJK on Evolution of the Game.... [WATCH]
  • January, 2019 Playing Within Yourself.... [WATCH]


  • December, 2018 The New Look Zverev.... [WATCH]
  • November, 2018 2nd Most Important Shot in the Game.... [WATCH]
  • October, 2018 Jimmy Connors Explains Serving with Spin... [WATCH]
  • September, 2018 Understanding Optimal Grip Tension.... [WATCH]
  • August, 2018 The science of ball watching.... [WATCH]
  • May, 2018 Best Ever Ladies League Parody… Hilarious. ".... [WATCH]
  • June, 2018 Federer and the QUIET EYE on Serve & Return".... [WATCH]
  • January, 2018 In between points, "The 16 Seconds Cure".... [WATCH]
  • Winter, 2017 Service Motion as a Thing of Beauty.... [WATCH]
  • Fall, 2017 New World #4 Welcoming Coaching + Fed/Rafa Doubles in Laver Cup.... [WATCH]
  • Summer, 2017 Wimbledon Tradition Takes A Hit at 2017 Championships.... [WATCH]
  • Spring, 2017 The Backhand Behind Federer's Success.... [WATCH]
  • Winter, 2016 Sliding on Clay w/Brad Gilbert.... [WATCH]
  • Fall, 2016 Fellow pro and performance psychologist.... [WATCH]
  • Spring, 2016 142 mph Serve - 600fps Super slow motion... [WATCH]
  • Winter, 2015 Dr. Allen Mishra's Tennis Elbow Stretches... [WATCH]
  • Summer, 2015 ESPN Sports Science: Grunting in Tennis... [WATCH]


  • Summer, 2014 BOUNCE HEIGHT, SPEED, ANGLE OF ASCENT: Clay vs Hard vs Grass... [WATCH]
  • Winter, 2014 Sport Science: Roger Federer ... [WATCH]
  • July/August, 2013 Game Sharapova - Leg drive and extension on serve. Low center of gravity... [WATCH]
  • May/June, 2013 Brad Gilbert on Using the Drop Shot on Clay [WATCH]
  • November/December, 2012 Federer Djokovic warm up video: CLUB PLAYERS: Here’s how you’re supposed to warm-up – cooperatively. Not practicing winners. Hitting to each other!! [WATCH]
  • September/October, 2012 Funniest Shot of All-Time [WATCH]
  • July/August, 2012 Summer Time Video: 7 Lessons with Novak Djokovic [WATCH]
  • May/June, 2012 The Drop Shot: Think the drop shot isn’t a weapon? Think again... even in doubles! [WATCH]
  • March/April, 2012 Top 10 Tennis Venues [WATCH]
  • January/February, 2012 Offense/Defense at the Net in Doubles [WATCH]
  • November/December, 2011 Bending Your Serve In With Spin [WATCH]
  • September/October, 2011 A technical analysis of Federer's footwork by Vanderbilt Univ. Coach Geoff MacDonald - hopefully triggering more energized footwork for all players. [WATCH]
  • August, 2011 Mardy Fish, New Alpha American and World #8 after Cincy win over Nadal. [watch]
  • April/May, 2011 Note how whomever is able to maintain position in close proximity to the baseline typically dictates play! [watch]
  • March, 2011 "Attention Club Players: It's Called Practicing with Your Friends (at Sony Ericson)...note coaches presence." [watch]
  • February, 2011 Even Hard Courts Get "Dead Spots" (Air Bubbles) [watch]
  • December/January, 2011 New Year's Resolution: Keep It Simple [watch]
  • November, 2010 Even the best love to have fun, and not bad shotmaking! [watch]
  • October, 2010 Nadal hits 110mph forehand [watch]
  • September, 2010 Bryan Brothers Romanian Volley Drill [watch]
  • August, 2010 Roger Federer Trick Shot: the real deal or faked? [watch]
  • July, 2010 Novak Djokovic vs John McEnroe [watch]
  • June, 2010 Samantha Stosur serving. [watch]
  • May, 2010 Slow Motion Backhand; Justine Henin-Hardenne [watch]
  • April, 2010 Forehand & Service; Roger Federer [watch]
  • March, 2010 Bryan Brothers, 'Let It Rip' [watch]
  • February, 2010 Physical Nutrition, Jim Parker [watch]
  • January, 2010 Roger Federer, BEST SHOT EVER [watch]
  • October, 2009 Visualization, Jak Beardsworth [watch]