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Jak Beardsworth

Jak Beardsworth

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UMass-Dartmouth Team

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Tennis & Ski Center Team, No. Dartmouth, MA, 1978.

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Clinic with Chris Evert,
Jimmy Connors Tennis Center
Sannibel, FL '86

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Clinic host with Billie Jean King
ITA College Coaches Convention
Sanibel Harbor, FL '87

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Clinic with Dr. Jim Loehr 1988,
Mental Toughness
Training Founder
Sanibel Harbor, FL '88

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Jr. Clinic with Arthur Ashe
Miami, FL, '91

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Davis Cup Captain
Miami, FL '91

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Grand Slam Champion
Bonita Beach, FL '93

Click Here for LargerJak's Angels Pro Staff at Whiteface Club, Lake Placid, NYIn the 90s - L-R Siri Hauge, Jody Cogar, Jennifer Dupree

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With former top tennis player
Bonnie Gadusek at
2019 Vivante Charity
Event Player's Party

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Tennis Game Theory book signing at Isles Yacht Club, Punta Gorda, FL 2018

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Working with promising
junior JJ Lindau
at Twin Isles CC 2018

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In the Chair at Isles Yacht Club 2019 EXO with L-R Rainer Ruhland, Karen Miller, Jen Fiers, Luke Andreae

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Tennis Game Theory
spotted by Jane Kerstetter at Centro Tennis Club in Marradi, Italy In the Tuscany region 2018.

Jak Beardsworth Tennis

Bio, Philosophy

HEAD Advisory Staff: I am pleased to announce that, after an absence of a few years, I'm officially back with HEAD as an Advisory Staff member, working in conjunction with Wrigley's Tennis (Internet pricing and free stringing on new frames) in Punta Gorda, FL. [read more]

EDUCATION:  UMASS-Dartmouth; B.A. History, Minor Psychology

PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS/AWARDS:  USPTA Elite Professional, UMASS-Dartmouth Hall of Fame, USPTA 25-Year Service Award, Charlie Scheu Kiwanis Shoes for Kids Award; HEAD Advisory Staff

PLAYING EXPERIENCE:  Three-time New England Small College singles champion, Top 5 USPTA – New England Grand Prix Circuit (NEPTA) Singles '78 & '79, 2014 USPTA #3 nationally in Senior Clay Court Singles, Tour Experience

BEST EVENT PLAYED:  "Newport Grasscourt Invitational" (now ATP Hall of Fame Classic), a lead-up to U.S. Championships at Forest Hills, now the US Open.


  • Jimmy Connors Tennis Center, Sanibel Harbour, FL
  • Boca Grande Club, Boca Grande, FL
  • Sippican Tennis Club, Marion, MA




PLAYER DEVELOPMENT HIGHLIGHT:  Elite junior pilot program with Dr. Jim Loehr, "Mental Toughness Training" innovator

BEST TOUR PLAYER EXPERIENCE:  Former WTA #10, Austrian Barbara Paulus and Coach Peter Eipledauer – U.S. representative


  • Grand Slam champions: Arthur Ashe, Virginia Wade, Maria Bueno, Jimmy Connors
  • U.S.Davis Cup captains: Tom Gullikson and Tom Gorman;
  • Dr. Jim Loehr and other notables

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS:  USPTA divisions throughout the U.S. including most recently:

  • New England: Tennis Hall of Fame, Newport, RI
  • Northern California: Stanford Univ., Palo Alto, CA

    -- and --
  • Austrian Coaches Convention – Innsbruck, Austria
  • Soccer Hall of Fame (Grandfather Fred Beardsworth member)
  • ITA (Intercollegiate Coaches Convention)

TOUR EVENT ADMINISTRATION: 1985, 86 ATP Paine Webber Classic at Sanibel Harbour Resort – Management Team

Writings Published:


  • 'More Than Just the Strokes' (2005) – reached the Top 10 list on Amazon in tennis instruction
  • 'Tennis Game Theory' (2016)
  • 'Next Level Tennis' (2023)

MAGAZINES:  HARBOR STYLE – a premier Southwest Florida publication

NEWSPAPER COLUMNS:  Lake Placid News, Lake Placid, NY, Standard-Times, New Bedford, MA

ANNUAL CHARITY TOURNAMENTS:  Harry Chapin Food Bank Classic / Shoes-For-Kids Shootout (events in Southwest Florida)

Today, Jak Beardsworth continues to make his signature expertise available to players at all levels of play year 'round in Punta Gorda, FL, at Emerald Point Tennis Club. [see: Teaching]

Tennis Books by Jak Beardsworth

Next Level Tennis: Pathways (2023)

Buy on Barnes and Noble

In a head-to-toe, whole body approach learn how to maximize your current game performance more consistently, for better match play results by both expertly managing those skills – quarterbacking if you will – and embracing, and improving, rock solid core fundamental ball striking itself as well.

Tennis Game Theory: Dialing in Your A-Game Everyday (2016)

Tennis Game Theory, Dialing in YOur A-Game Everyday: new paperback by Jak BeardsworthTennis Game Theory, with praise from some of tennis' top authorities, is the culmination of Beardsworth's writings - magazine, newspaper, internet - over the past few years. The original 100 stand alone pieces have been adapted into a comprehensive work that's collectively aimed at providing motivated players with key core fundamentals to both maximize and improve upon one's on-court performance. Read More

More Than Just the Strokes: Personal Best Tennis in Clubland and Beyond (2005)

Buy the electronic book version now: More Than Just the Strokes: Personal Best Tennis in Clubland and Beyond, by Jak Beardsworth A comprehensive, common sense guidebook designed to assist the reader in reaching the apex of his or her tennis game. Based on over 50 years of playing and coaching experience, this book is not simply another "system." Read More


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Jak with Greg Ross.
Napa Valley, CA
training days.

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Book signing at HEAD booth, 2005
Key Biscayne tour event.

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Convention Seminar
at the Tennis Hall of Fame
with former top tenner
Tim Mayotte, Paige Kane,
Sandy Goes

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Clinic with Tom Gullikson,
Davis Cup Captain,
Olympic Team Coach
Punta Gorda, FL '07

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2009 NoCal USPTA Covention Seminar with legendary Stanford Coach Dick Gould

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Former Lake Placid (NY) pro Siri Hauge training at the Mjondalen Tennisklubb, outside Oslo (2016)

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Tennis Game Theory
book launch at Twin Isles CC, Punta Gordawith Rick and Deb Highsmith (2016)

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With favorite mixed
partner Margit Bannon at
2016 Shoes For Kids
benefit in Punta Gorda

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2016 Shoes For Kids mixed opponent Kurt Mehl boning up pre-match. "Too late now Kurt."

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Sweet Adeline at 2016 Shoes For Kids benefit in Punta Gorda

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Jak's ball cap in a Kyoto, Japan bookstore -
global reach!

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2004 Mixed Doubles EXO at Whiteface Club, Lake Placid, NY with L-R: John Rosenthal, Claire Doyle, Ora Smith

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With former World #8
Bonnie Gadusek at
"Mental Skills Clinic" at
Twin isles CC, Punta Gorda, FL 2018

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Serving in Isles Yacht Club, Punta Gorda, FL 2018 Team EXO Series

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Post match beer celebration with doubles partner Brian Bannon.

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Returning Serve in Naples Pro League 2005

Click Here for Larger2008 Lake Placid EXO
L-R: Kenny Andriano, Bob Delefause, Mike Bucar, Terry W. Watson

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Annual Margo Roca Sister Slam Doubles 2017 Punta Gorda

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With former Naples Pro of the Year, Denny Rager
At 2017 Shoes For Kids Benefit in Punta Gorda, FL

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With Bonnie Gadusek and Rainer Ruhland at Isles Yacht Club 2017 Kick-off Clinic

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Former New England junior practice partner Pete Sullivan sent this from the Greek island of Paros.

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2019 Doubles Practice at Emerald Point TC in Punta Gorda, L-R Margo Roca, Mae Nelson, Jane Kerstetter, Barb Robinson

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Former Associate Pro Siri Hauge at 2017 Norwegian Nationals

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2020 Emerald Pointe staff in Punta Gorda having some fun.

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Johnny Miekle at Emerald Pointe, Punta Gorda 2020 noting his ace placement on match paoint.

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Lisa Lindau on break at Emerald Pointe 2020 training session.

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Local standout player Mae Nelson bending in one of her superb jump spin serves.
Note the pronation.

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Assisting Margit Bannon – PLAY TENNIS-PRACTICE YOGA – taping one of her popular 2020 YOU TUBE tennis yoga fusion offerings.

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Doubles Challenge at Emerald Pointe, Punta Gorda 2020 L-R: Peter Johnson, Robert Driscoll Not Pictured: Chris Sears

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Future Stars 2020 - L-R: Sophia Clancy, Kaelyn Carrico, Kendall

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L-R: Nancy Hiatt, Jean Machus, Betsy Kippers, Peg Hau at Emerald Pointe, Punta Gorda Team Practice 2021.

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2021 Isles Yacht Club, Punta Gorda. Leukemia Cup Challenge
L-R: with Host Pro Rainer Ruhland, Dagny Andreae, Luke Andreae, Laura Damm

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Practice Session with Rick F.B. Hau at Emerald Pointe, PG 2021

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Ann Pfister-Brown at final May 2021 practice session at Emerald Pointe, Ct.4, Punta Gorda

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Martha's Vineyard & Scottsdale Pro's, Doug & Leslie I.G. Browne, at post-Davis Cup party, Sanibel Harbour Resort, FL, 1989

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Coach/Player Reunion with former UMASS-Dartmouth star Brad Cheney at Emerald Pointe, Punta Gorda

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Charlotte HS #1 Halayna Roberson at 2021 South Florida Univ. Tennis Camp

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Sophia Bender celebrating winning 16's Consolation at Lake Padgett Jr. Classic July 2021

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With Ann Pfister-Brown and Diane DeGuraian at Emerald Pointe Ct 4 practice 2022.

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Year- end Emerald Pointe men's team tennis awards dinner 2022 season.

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Battle of Sexes Interclub at Emerald Pointe 2023 / L-R: Eric Knapp, Ann Pfister-Brown, Diane Degurian, Rick Hau

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Prepping for the 2023 SHOES for KIDS Charity event at Emerald Pointe

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2023 Sponsor List Fence Banner for the 13th Shoes for Kids Benefit


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With my new serve coach Tori Brown at Emerald Pointe Ct4 2022

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Michael Mixson of Punta Gorda playing down in the 65s at Grass Court Nationals in NJ.

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Practicing with Margrit Bannon Nov 2023