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The Approach Dropper: Lob Killer

June 2023

If there ever was a made to order tactic to annoy those annoying Lucy, Larry lobbers of the world it’s the deadly approach dropper. It’s the countermeasure when facing those who specialize in lobbing incessantly, frustratingly, and often successfully since they get so much practice at it versus actually trying to go after an inviting ball with forceful intent. They especially salivate when well intentioned opponent’s – who are aspiring to play more aggressively by taking control of the net – repeatedly come forward behind cupcake shots that wouldn’t break an egg.

Bulletin! Your net game is only as good as the shot you came in behind, which, if not effective enough to make an opponent uncomfortable, will make a lesser player than you mistakenly seem really good, when, just maybe, they are not.

Before I go any further – and I’m betting you’re already with me on this - just remember what Johnny Mac said year’s ago on the subject: “If it was a court of law those people would get thirty years to life.”

Unlike subjective figure skating scoring, there are no extra rewards for taking initiative and going really big. So, despite such an unflattering style of play, as always, the last team to hit the ball in the court successfully still wins the point every time. Ugly or not.

Even pro speedsters are vulnerable.

So instead of always trying emulate Tennis Channel stars – renown sage Yogi Berra once said: “If you can’t imitate him, don’t copy him.” - who in their world typically produce deep, penetrating approach shots when opponents have mistakenly left a routine groundie reply short in the court to munch on, alternatively just drop it short. Bring them in. Get them off the baseline.

Lob fest denied!

A young Rafa coming forward to carve a drop shot.

Always remember Arthur Ashe’s timeless advice, “Always make an opponent do something different when they are succeeding at a particular strategy or tactic.”

Once off the baseline where they are typically most comfortable launching their rainmakers, and getting them into the forecourt to retrieve your drop shot is the answer. Not to mention that the Lucys and Larrys usually do not possess Olympic caliber sprinting speed, and, if they are able to run your dropper down, are usually not adept at any ensuing mano a mano volley shootouts at the net.

Even if your drop shot skills are not fully developed yet (you definitely need this shot in your arsenal), just “dumping it” short, even without the preferred biting underspin, can get the job done as well, especially, again, versus the slow-footed . Keep in mind that once struck, follow the line/angle/direction of your probe while closing in very tight to the net to vertically cut-off any last ditch effort on their part to pass or lob their retrieval over you. Backing away, a club level favorite, lets them off your hook by providing safe haven to hit into.

Regarding drop shot execution while moving forward: 1) keep the contact point in front of you, 2) Prep the racket by the incoming ball’s bounce and higher than your normal while opening the racket face slightly with a continental grip, 3) high to low to high striking path with somewhat muted follow through, 4) carve both under and inside the ball, 5) lower your center of gravity through the contact moment.


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