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NEW! Next Level Tennis: Pathways (2023)

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In a head-to-toe, whole body approach learn how to maximize your current game performance more consistently, for better match play results by both expertly managing those skills – quarterbacking if you will – and embracing, and improving, rock solid core fundamental ball striking itself as well.

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Tennis Game Theory:
Dialing in Your A-Game Everyday (2016)

Available now in paperback AND eBook!

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Amazon 2016 Book Awards

Tennis Game Theory, Dialing in YOur A-Game Everyday: new paperback by Jak BeardsworthTennis Game Theory, with praise from some of tennis' top authorities, is the culmination of Beardsworth's writings - magazine, newspaper, internet - over the past few years. The original 100 stand alone pieces have been adapted into a comprehensive work that's collectively aimed at providing motivated players with key core fundamentals to both maximize and improve upon one's on-court performance.

Jak's first book, More Than Just the Strokes (2005), reached Amazon's top 10 in tennis instruction.

Signed and personally inscribed print copies available exclusively and only through Jak. To obtain your copy, email him at:


Professional Praise for
Tennis Game Theory

Jak is a superbly talented and gifted teacher. If you want to dial-in you're A-game more consistently this is a must read.
Jim Loehr, World Renowned Performance Psychologist and best selling author

Jak combines sport science and examples of pro players to help the club level player better understand the important aspects of the game. The bits of humor and non-tennis referrals made it a fun and interesting read.
Bonnie Gadusek, former WTA World #8

So simple, and yet so good!!Dick Gould, Stanford University Director of Tennis and ITA Hall of Fame Coach

Jak's done it again. A treasury of truths, insights, and wisdom. – Don Henson, USPTA/PTR Master Pro and Founder of The Tennis Teacher's Institute

Jak clarifies how to "think tennis. He is undoubtedly the most analytical coach I've ever known, and reading this book will go a long way to raising the level of your game.
Donn Davis, USTA Florida Past President and Hall of Fame inductee

A great combination of tips, tennis science, theories and instruction mixed in with a little humor. I've been coaching tens for over 30 years and it is always great to learn something new. David Geatz, University of Pennsylvania Head Coach

Not only is Jak one of the top one-on-one private tennis coaches in the industry, he is now emerging as one of our finest writers. Just like his on-court coaching, Beardsworth has a keen sense of dissecting the tennis game in unique fashion and explaining it in fine detail.
Doug Browne, The Boathouse Club, Martha's Vineyard; former Naples, Florida USPTA Pro-of-the-Year

This amazing book has a tennis lesson on every page. Informative for players and teaching pros of every level. You will be captivated by Jak's knowledge.
Chris Stevens, USPTA New England President


Jak Beardsworth, tennis pro (picture) Jak Beardsworth, a collegiate champion with tour experience. Former director at Jimmy Connors Tennis Center, including player development with Dr. Jim Loehr. Presents seminars to fellow athlete professionals in Europe & the US, most recently at the Tennis Hall of Fame and Stanford University. Clinics and exhibitions with Grand Slam champions and Davis Cup captains. USPTA 35-year award.

More Than Just the Strokes: Personal Best Tennis in Clubland and Beyond (2005)

Available in paperback and eBook.

Purchase Jak Beardsworth : More Than Just the Strokes tennis book for Amazon Kindle Purchase Jak Beardsworth : More Than Just the Strokes tennis book at Barnes & Noble

Previous Amazon Book Award Winner, "Top 10 Tennis Instruction" category

Buy the electronic book version now: More Than Just the Strokes: Personal Best Tennis in Clubland and Beyond, by Jak Beardsworth A comprehensive, common sense guidebook designed to assist the reader in reaching the apex of his or her tennis game. Based on over 50 years of playing and coaching experience, this book is not simply another "system."

Rather, it serves to direct the reader through stages of self-realization and confidence boosting by elaborating not only on improving the physical characteristics of one's game, but also on crucial and often-overlooked mental and emotional techniques. In a sport where expectations and pressure are constantly mounting, it is difficult to stay focused and competitive.

More Than Just the Strokes employs wisdom and advice from the author and other professional athletes to encourage the reader. Beardsworth candidly relates both his successes and failures as a player - experiences to which any tennis enthusiast will readily relate. Having coached many different levels - professional, college, junior, and club - Beardsworth's advice will be invaluable to novice and experienced players alike.

Professional Praise for
More Than Just the Strokes

More Than Just the Strokes is the perfect book for club players who seek to improve their competitive skills. Jak distills more than 25 years of successful coaching into concrete, practical strategies for enhancing competitive success.
Jim Loehr, Ed.D., bestselling author, including 'The Power of Full Engagement and Toughness Training for Sports', developer of the Corporate Athlete Training System, coach of dozens of world class athletes and Grand Slam winners, Monica Seles, Jim Courier and Gabriella Sabatini, as well as columnist for World Tennis and Tennis Magazine.

A treasury of wisdom and insight. Years of experience on the court 'in a bottle.' A must read for all those who play the game. Fun, sometimes hilarious.
Don Henson, PTR/USPTA Master Professional, senior tester of aspiring pros.

A very engaging and insightful primer that has captivated my MIT varsity tennis players. This compilation of tennis articles is thoughtful, humorous and enlightening. Beardsworth creates a unique blend of anecdote and tennis wisdom - a good match and an enjoyable read for players of all levels.
Jeff Hamilton, Associate Professor/MIT Men's Tennis Coach, Nike Tennis Camp Director

The most make-sense, easy-to-apply-on-court tennis book I've ever read. Its many lessons actually did convert into achieving my most satisfying, personal best tennis to date. If tennis is in your blood, treat yourself and your game!
Trevor Lavelle, Head/Penn Racquet Sports

Jak Beardsworth explains what no other instructor or instruction book has ever attempted — how to really understand the tennis game.
Peter Eipeldauer, Austrian National Coach, coach of former World #10, Barbara Paulus

I have been coached by many individuals, but none as able to identify innate talent, develop physical skills and communicate the non-tangible aspects of a sport as Jak Beardsworth.

In the sessions we spent cross-training, I learned not only the game of tennis, but also what truly makes an athlete a competitor. More Than Just the Strokes captures the essence of what makes Jak a stellar coach and is the next best thing to having him on the court beside you.
Cameron Myler, four-time U.S.A. Olympian, flagbearer at 1994 Opening Ceremonies, seven-time Luge National Champion.

Customer Reviews for Tennis Game Theory

Great book for any player trying to improve or interested in really understanding things like shot mechanics.The organization of the book is very helpful with a lot of concise articles on particular topics. The sections on breathing techniques without shrieking should be required reading. Also practical, clearly presented tips on doubles play.
Richard A. Perras

Great perspective -- gets inside your head - The many and varying aspects of the game are delivered in clear and concise chapters making the message soooo understandable! Great perspective -- gets inside your head. A ton of applicable tennis knowledge here.
JoAnn Cancro

ROBO PRO!!! - I have worked with Jak for 30 years around the country. I have seen so many students of the game benefit from Jak's coahing and workshops. He has a gift of always bring something new to the court no matter how long you have played. Tennis Game Theory is a must read!!!
Gregory R.

Customer Reviews for More Than Just the Strokes

I've been playing tennis my whole life and have read over 30 tennis books. I can say with absolute confidence that this book is the most user-friendly, concise, readable tennis guide I have ever read.

Beardsworth makes the painfully abstract elements of stroke mechanics easy to visualize. [I should add that I own nearly every technique manual on the market and have never been inspired to write a review.] The author does not stop at stroke production, he has a remarkable ability to unpack the mental elements of the game and he provides entertaining information about the current tennis culture (at the club and pro level.)

What makes this book truly unique, however, is the author's voice. He has a charismatic, snappy prose that makes for effortless reading. One can tell that this guy has been in the tennis business forever (he has seen it all.) His anecdotes and insights are priceless; his understanding of the game -- the whole game -- is remarkable.
Jon Wolfe, San Diego, CA

I started playing tennis 10 years ago after a lifetime of playing "other" sports, including competing at the collegiate level in football and wrestling.

I am currrently a 4.5 NTRP level player. I have become addicted to tennis, probably as a result of the marked need for contrasting physical and mental perspectives which I find so challenging and (potentially) rewarding.

This book addresses that contrast more vividly than any book on sports to which I have ever been exposed. The ongoing internal battle to control your emotions in tennis is, in my opinion, the most difficult struggle one encounters on the court.

Beardsworth is the Zen master of tennis, as he helps all us warriors become more focused and masterful on the courts.... I highly recommend it!
Alex Cook, New York, NY

More Than Just the Strokes is absolutely the best tennis instructional book I have ever read. It is not a fancy book in terms of glossy and impressive pictures, but the "meat and potatoes" of tennis instruction is there in spades!

I particularly enjoyed, and my game has benefited from, the areas of the book covering volleys, singles strategy, and watching the ball.

This book is an absolute must read for anyone trying to improve their game. I believe that tennis instructors would benefit from buying this book in bulk for their students. Give it a try. You won't be disappointed!
Barrie Cox, Toronto, Canada

We all pretty much know what we want to accomplish on the court. More Than Just the Strokes, however, teaches you how really "seeing it" leads to "doing it." Whether you're battling a small technical glitch, self-induced demons on your court, or an ineffective strategy, Jak's professional experience and insight teaches you how to strike the perfect merger between a technical mind set and mindful technique.

The result: winning play instead of playing to win. The content is easy to understand and a welcome alternative to the traditional 'just hitting yet another thousand balls' to maybe get the same result. Your time on the court will never feel more satisfying. A delightful, inspiring "must read" for all levels of players.
Teresa Martin, Punta Gorda, FL

Being a former student of Jak's, I was not surprised that the each section was clear and to the point. Jak has always had the ability to breakdown and communicate his instruction to various levels of play and this book displays that talent.

The familiar terms "groundies," "the pusher," etc. are communicated at every level of play. Upon reading this book, I was flooded with memories of my instruction and communication with Jak. I would recommend this book to anyone who interested in becoming a better player.
Michael K. Semiao, North Anodover, MA

For any player who wants to improve or enjoy the game more, Jak's book is a must. It offers many practical tips for singles and doubles. The sections on developing topspin, effective breathing during a match, club competition, doubles strategies and practice routines are alone worth the price.

I have played for more than 30 years, have had many lessons and gone to tennis camps from Vermont to Florida. Jak's book has given me more stuff to work on and to look forward to using in a match than a lot of these other instructions.
Richard A. Perras, Boston, MA